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LG's Mama

Do you know how to braid? French braid should work to combine all the lengths and not ruin her hair. Braiding while the hair is wet usually helps it to stay in place. Braids can also be slept in which is a nice bonus if she is still taking a nap :) Good luck!


All I can say is don't ever blow dry and straighten it. I have created monsters! :) H

becca greene

it looks like your daughter was "blessed" with curly/wavy hair as i have the unfortunate luck of also having. however, unlike me she has fine hair. it took me til my mid 20s to be able to do anything really attractive with my hair unless it was short. and the amount of work it takes is not something anyone under the age of 15 should ever put into their hair. my one suggestion would be elasticized headbands. i know you said she hates headbands but so did i at her age for 2 reasons. many made for kids sized heads have teeth in them that hurt especially if you have a sensitive head. the other thing that bugged me was where the headband would sit against my ears which to me felt like it rubbed and just generally bothered me. elasticized headbands which now are available in a variety of widths and sizes including for little girls are much more comfortable for me. i really like this style from old navy because the back is skinny so it doesn't create a bump on the back of my head. http://www.oldnavy.com/browse/product.do?cid=42728&pid=638064&scid=638064082
not sure if this helps but maybe it will.


i also have wavy/curly hair which took me a long time to appreciate, but now i love it. part of the problem growing up was that my mom has stick-straight hair and had no idea what to do with the curls. my biggest recommendation for hope's hair is not to brush it when it's dry (something i didn't learn until i was 16!) comb it after washing, but other than that don't brush it. if she bathes at night, spritz her hair in the morning with water maybe even a drop of conditioner mixed into the spray bottle and run a comb through. i also recommend a wee bit of gel--if you can get past putting product in your daughter's hair at such a young age, it'll really help. i have some curly friends with curly daughters who've used product with them since the time they had enough hair to put it in. other than that, just experiment. curly hair can be so unpredictable, but it seems to get compliments even on the days that its the most disheveled.


As someone with curly hair and a daughter with it too, cutting it to her shoulders will really, really help. If you get all the split ends off and it starting a good healthy length it will really help. I know you don't want to cut it short, but giving it a really good trim will help the curls curl better and be better under control. My hair used to be super long (and curly) and it really just is so much easier when it's shoulder length. other than that, I vote on clips to keep it out of her eyes. We have the same issue with Anna because we're growing out her bangs and she also has fine hair.


Kara's hair looks very similar to Hope's in texture and curly/wavy. Thanks for the post and I'm hopeful with all the advice from the other folks. Let me know if you find something that works for Hope!


As someone who has a duaghter with very different hair then her own, I feel your pain. Other than the braiding and the no brushing when dry, here are a few things I do:

1. I use a leave in conditioner (Silken Child, try Sally's beauty supply) in her hair when it is wet and brush it in at night.

2. I wrap her hair at night. At this age, a hankerchief works juts find. It keeps it smoother in the morning.

3. I also use a spray detangler and keep a littl bottle of it in my purse (again silken child).

4. I also use those little tiny clips (like real little for small braids) We make a "princess crown" with them and she can keep her hair down in the back, but it is out of her face.

Good luck.

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