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My kids have seen bits of Jon & Kate as well and love it. I think they are fascinated by a family with so many kids and with kids similar in age to them. I also find it interesting to see how they deal with the many challenges of raising 8 children!


Hope all is well with your pregnancy! We love Jon & Kate + 8 also. When I am feeling stressed out about my parenting skills or I am feeling overwhelmed with motherhood, I try to watch the show. Somehow, knowing another mom made it through twins and sextuplets makes it a little better for me and lets me know that I am not alone in this adventure called parenting and motherhood


I LOVE Jon & Kate + 8! I have never let the kids watch, but I enjoy the show and it helps me cherish all the moments we have with our kids. I can't imagine being a family of 10, but that's what's great about each family being unique.

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