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I agree about the "intuition" about knowing when something isn't right, even when your kids are in another room. I also have the ability to hear little feet coming down the hall, even when they are trying to be quiet!


The only one for myself specifically is the ability to hear and recognize my own child's cry - even a room full of crying kids!
But this is far more interesting. When we were visiting my husband's family in Hawaii, we took an afternoon to stroll through the Hilton Waikoloa Resort (because it's so over-the-top, it's a must). We walked past the lagoon where people were swimming, and sunbathing - it was pretty crowded. We walked up onto this bridge and all of a sudden we heard this little girl screaming - really truly screaming as if she was in desperate trouble in the water.
Buck said he'd never seen anything like it: As soon as the little girl screamed every single woman shot up straight in her seat, or whipped their head around to see what was wrong (including mine). Some of the men did, but not many. I think that really says something about how we're hardwired as women...

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