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Maureen McClintock

Thanks for all your mom advice. I read your blog daily and it helps.

Jenn Churion

Sign me up! That would be awesome to win since we are hosting my husband's high school life group here for the game! By the way I think you look amazingly small for as far along as you are (at least from the pics you have posted). At that point with my son I seriously wondered if we'd need to widen some doorways around here and I only gained 24 pounds but was carrying a big boy!


Consider my name in the hat. My hubby would love it!


YES! I need this! My man would love it! :) H


We would love to have that party pack. We LOVE football and have a superbowl party every year!


We would love that. Especially if the Eagles are playing this year!


We would love to win. I,also, did not grow up in a house where we watched the NFL. We were college football people... but since I met my husband I have gotten really into it and enjoy it so much!

Heather C.

Oh Oh ~ sign me up! Randy and I did not grow up watching THE game but became fans when our first daughter was born on Super Bowl Sunday 10 years ago (Broncos vs Falcons) ~ we would love to have this kit! What an awesome keepsake for her too!

Therese Green

We love football too - I had my first fantasy team this year, it was so much fun!!

thanks for the giveaway!


That would be perfect for our superbowl party this year! Thanks for the giveaway!


We are huge football fans (college and NFL) and would love to have the party pack! Great giveaway and LOVE your blog Tricia! ;-)

Maria P.

Yes - Super Bowl parties are great fun and a great excuse to get together with friends. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

Carolyn G

Thanks for the giveaway. This is such a great giveaway.


hmmm...I'm not trying to enter twice, but my comment from the other day didn't appear. So if there's two, just get rid of one! :)

I'd love to have this to take to our annual party at a friend's house who is a serious, die-hard COKE fan! That would stir up a lot of trouble...er, I mean FUN! :)


Well, since our team was horrible this year, I guess I'll drown my sorrows in a nice party that day.


Beer, buddies and pizza - best way to go.


We love to watch the game with a few friends. Kind of low-key, but fun. Some good snacks, too. Thanks.


We love Super Bowl parties. We get together with a bunch of our neighbors and have a blast.


My husband and three sons are big football fans...I still haven't managed to learn a whole lot all these years but I love to tease them and pretend I know everything about sports. This causes a whole lot of eye-rolling on their part (do boys learn the eye-roll in shop class?). We'll all be watching the Super Bowl that Sunday..it also happens to be my birthday!


I love this set! I think my uncle would want to keep the helmet if I won it, so I'd only get to see that part for a day.


Thanks for the giveaway. I'm pretty sure I will have to work from home while watching the game so I'm sure I'll miss some great plays. At least I do get to watch most of it, though.


Pepsi sure knows how to throw together a pack of goodies for the biggest game of the year. This year, the game should be great and make for a super party. Great offensive team versus a great defensive team.


What a super giveaway. Okay, now please don't disqualify me for using a pun...haha.

Jean D.

I'm a MAJOR Pepsi fan, so this giveaway is tops with me. Generous giveaway, fun items. Thanks!

Jessica C

This would be so fun to win

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