Hi, I'm Tricia.

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Melissa Wellington

Fun! Pick me :)


This would make a great gift!


I love your blog... as you know it is sometimes can be difficult being a new mom, and for me a new mom in a new town--- but you make the isolation of the whole thing so much better. I love the ideas, and feeling that my baby is not the only one!! Thanks a bunch.


This is so cute. I am having our 2nd child tomorrow via C-section so this would definitely be put to good use!


I would love to give this to a friend for a baby gift! Awesome!

Jess Perkins

Hi Tricia! We miss you all! Eliana asks about her friends, Hope and Maddie, quite often. :)

Maureen M

What a cute shower present is right. I love giving those types of gifts.


It looks beautiful! We are in the home stretch here - just a couple more weeks to go!

Therese Green

I have about 20 weeks to go - what a cute book!

Lisa C.

Looks like a cute book, would make a wonderful keepsake too! I'm due in 3 days and super excited!

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