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It's certainly an interesting thing to ponder a bit. Not sure I totally believe in it or that it's a bad thing. A little more equality of the sexes is a good thing overall for society, for sure. But children are clearly raised in a very different manner and environment than they used to be as well. While children may not see their mothers in as strong a role in the home as they used to, I do believe that they will see women in a much stronger role overall in society. I am curious to see what the long term effect of this shift is. I've not read the book this comes from before, so may have to add it to my reading list! Good quote Tricia! Thanks for sharing it.


this is something i never would have put together on my own, but i totally see it. woah! especially having taught elementary school i can understand what the author might be getting at with it coming back to haunt us. now my interest is peaked to read the book!

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