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go one step further, oick up pop cans and bottles !!!


After Christmas our family wanted to get a Wii, but there's no way it was in the 'budget' to do so, so my husband got the family to agree to pull all the Christmas money they had gotten. We were still a bit short, so thought we'd 'cash in' our coin cans (large coffee cans) and found we had saved over $400 in change. (Though I'll admit using it toward a wii felt pretty selfish after reading the other family donated it to charity. :/ )

Still, it was a fun way for us all to work together towards something that was an 'extra' that we are all enjoying.


The only concern I had with this story was the real street poor who might be looking the same block for lose change. The middle class family or rich family who picks it up for hobby is taking from those who actually use it that day for food. I just know there are street people who depend on lose change and I can imagine some walk by and are lost for that day without food money because some family that really doesn't need it, picked it up.
Just a thought :)


That's a really interesting point that Kaylan makes and I wish we were all that thoughtful and aware of those right around us who are in need. It is such a shame that we aren't doing a better job as a society of helping those people but rather leaving them to search for loose change on the streets.


Pennys have no value, they are not worth even being picked up, IMO..
Their use should be stopped, but for people to change and improve - this is hard..
Those people who pick up loose change on the streets need no help; the ones who need help are those too damned lazy to do anything but complain..


They have raised $1100 in 3 1/2 years and will donate it when they reach $10,000? If they keep up that rate, it will be ready to donate around 2040. Isn't there something better they could be doing with their time? Why not pick it up and donate it immediately?

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