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Heather C.

HA! What was funny was after I read this ~ my dinner experience was just as you described your lunch scene! I kept thinking....this is just like restonmom's day! Was it a full moon?!!

Depressed Short Order Cook

I don't know how you do it! My two year old (about to be three in April) has NEVER eaten meat or much else for that matter. I've tried everything. Sneaking it in food, hiding it under something, even lying and saying it was candy =( She doesn't even eat things kids usually love, spaghetti, pizza, hot dogs. I will give something to her for lunch - she refuses, I save it for dinner - she refuses. She goes to bed hungry (which I feel awful about) then wakes up at 5 am starving. What should I do? Give it to her then? She's never even tried these foods to know if she doesn't like it (she just smells it?) Sorry for the long message but I don't want to have a picky eater and I don't feel like I give in to her. I don't know what else to do.


Love it and totally agree with your topic. I have a very persnickety eater as well. I can certainly sympathize with "Depressed Short Order Cook," but my pediatrician held my hand in his office one day, looked me straight in the eye, and said... "Growth charts look good, she's not sick, she seems happy, SHE'LL EAT WHEN SHE'S HUNGRY." That was the best advice to reach my ears. Since then, I've added an extra veggie here and there, but otherwise, we stick to this plan too. I would really like for her to join the "clean plate club," but with all the news about kids and obesity, I try to really portion her food out to make sure she's getting the exact amounts she needs. The key for me is not putting too much food on her plate - she can always ask for more (and sometimes she does!)

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for occassions like this, I like to keep in my house all kind of food, fruits, vegetables, meats, and different type of rices, canned food, anyway a little bit of all, in this way nobody can't say "in this house there's no nothing to eat".

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Try having a list of menu for the week. Just makes sure its part of the healthy diet you have.


I just hated when I was a child and my mother cooked meals that I just didn't liked, the worst part is that she made me ate it. Now I'm a chef and I can cook me whatever I like.

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