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LG's Mama

I loved my GAP maternity pants. I was almost sad to pack them and there are some days (right before my period usually) that I would really like to have them back. :)

They do have a band that would show under a tight fitting shirt but I didn't wear many of those. They come in short, regular, and long. So my short legs were happy. I had jeans and khakis and I never found another line of maternity clothes that would fit me.


I'm sorry to hear that you hate these pants! Like every item of women's clothing, I guess they work best with certain body (or in this case, belly) shapes. For me, I just can't wear these pants enough! I wish every pair of maternity pants I owned had the Secret Fit Belly.

Hope you're feeling well otherwise! I believe you're due shortly after me, so only about 6-7 more weeks to go!


I purchased every pair of maternity jeans from old navy. I had the same problem with the top staying above my waist. I really think the best solution is to buy a "Bella Band" that goes around the top portion of your jeans and up to the to of your belly. I think you may have featured this on your blog in the past. I loved mine. It allowed me to wear my pre-pregnancy pants and jeans until I delivered (but I'm petite and didn't gain much weight during the pregnancy). I also bought pants from my favorite stores in the next size up because I knew it would take a little while to lose the baby weight. My thoughts were I could always wear the pants a little big post-baby or have the waist taken in and it would still be cheaper than buying a bunch of maternity clothes that I wouldn't be able to wear again. I have to say when you have asmall frame and are petite, it is near impossible to find maternity clothing that fits well. The pants are either too long or the clothing is just too big in general. Best of luck!! I hope you will post pics of the new baby!!!

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