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My parents had a friend whose name was Peter Yanker. And he was the third in his family to be given such a name and he fully intended to name his son the same. What a horrible experience as a boy! Ah well, builds character, right???

Kate Coveny Hood

When I worked at an association I was constantly in and out of the membership database and would come across some really funny names. The only one I can remeber was Sue Luzar. Apparently it was supposed to be pronounced Loozahr - but it looks like it should be pronounced "loser". As in "Hi, I'm Sue, and this is my husband Larry, we're the Luzars.

Also one of my best friends married a man with the last name Hamberger.


I have a family member with the last name Melon and they named their son Walter. Oye!


There is a little girl in my son's class named Abcde (pronounced Ab-suh-dee). No lie.

I have heard about the name Le-a.

And here I thought my name choices for my own children were unique...I guess I was wrong!

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