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SO excited to try some of these recipes. We've had a lot of them at your house and they are amazing :) I'm in for the party!!


Hi Tricia!

This sounds like sooo much fun! Just an FYI, though, the Spaghetti Caprice links to the Peppermint Bark...not that I'm complaining. ;-)


Thanks Michelle - should be fixed now :)

Ally Fouts

I love this! I'm all over the Homemade Ginger Ale! I've been making a lot of Ginger Tea lately---basically sliced fresh ginger steeped in water w/ cinnamon stick, cloves...or whatever!

This may be the catalyst I need to get my knives sharpened...ready to slice & dice! :)


Great idea, Tricia, THNX. I am all over those Stuffed red peppers - can't wait to try it.

PS - have made your apple / cheddar sourdough several x's - that always gets rave reviews.

Take care,


Gotta say, the husband has decided these are by far, the BEST stuffed peppers he ever had! THNX, Tricia!!

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