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becca greene

i used vinegar and baking soda last week to unclog a drain just like this article says, and it worked. i've been using it for years to deoderize clothes.


Oh yeah! I didn't read the article, but we use vinegar all the time. We also have a huge bottle on hand to descale our coffee maker (and other items like humidifiers), and I use it to mop our wood floor, and also to clean and sanitize my two bird feeders every few months.

LG's Mama

I have been slowly making my way through testing the suggestions in this article. So far it has worked for everything! I am so glad to get rid of bleach. I cannot stand the strong smell of bleach (vinegar doesn't bother me) and I was always worried about using it around my toddler. I especially love using it in the laundry. Now I need to get to Costco to buy a truck load of vinegar!

florida rhinoplasty

Vinegar has a lot of uses actually from cleaning to medicine. It's a wonder liquid.

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