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I used a head of cabbage! :-)

Ah, the joys of motherhood!


I feel your pain - especially today when I seem to have an abundance and my seven month old only wants to "snack"!

LG's Mama

I second the cold cabbage leaves idea - oddly enough you can just stuff them in your nursing bra.


Ah, yes - I remember it well!! My my 4th I actually had found (well, my sister actually found them) ice packs made specifically for this 'malady' and made to fit in your bra. They were lifesavers. However, I've heard (on a "truth or wives tale" espisode of a show) that it's true about the cabbage too, but I think only the green, not purple.


Oh, bless your heart-and your Ta Ta's too:)I loved these things called "Soothies" from the drugstore..


I'm totally feeling your pain right now, only on the opposite side of the spectrum. I just stopped nursing my 13+ month old this week. Peas and cabbage... might have to get some myself!

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