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She is so precious and adorable!


Mama...you've still got placenta brain! Surely she's longer than 10.5 inches long?! It's OK...you've had a busy week so far!

At any rate, little Miss Amelia is adorable and so beautiful! Congratulations on her birth & a smooth delivery!


Congratulations Tricia. She is gorgeous.

becca greene


Kate Coveny Hood

I was going to say the same thing! 10.5 inches! She is so cute. What an angel. Congratulations!


Congratulations, Matt & Tricia! I haven't been following along for a while, and just happened to pop in on Amelia's Day2! So excited for you guys. We are expecting #3 in November! Hope the girls are just spinning with joy (I'm sure they are!). All the best to you all.


Congrats! She's adorable!

Aunt Kada

Congratulations! Tricia, Matt, Hope, Maddie, and Ami.
Another little girl, how precious.

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