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Hey Tricia...It's Revetta...Just putting in my two pennies :) My husband's a dentist and I worked in his practice for a little over two years. I've seen some crazy stuff with children's teeth and I can honestly tell you one night isn't horrible...just always brush and floss as soon as you can.

Many people just figure the baby teeth don't matter because they'll come out anyway. Your concern just shows you're doing the right things for your girls' oral health. :)

Jenna Schrock

The same situation also happened in our home. We were having a slumber party at that time. We stayed too late because of the fun activities. When it was time to brush our teeth, we were too tired to do it. Maybe that was one of the reasons that my son, Dave's tooth got cavity. When I had an appointment with the dental implants dentist in Los Angeles, I decided to schedule an appointment for Dave.

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