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Love it Tricia! You brought back many memories of those early poopy days of babyhood!! Hope Ami's doing well and that you're all enjoying her!


One of my friends just shared her trick: put a cotton ball in the back of the diaper (around the top of the babe's butt crack!) during changes. It catches those "up to your ears in poop" poops, keeping everything contained within the diaper. Worth a try?


Oh wow - yes. We used to call certain times "The Double Poop", where I'd be cleaning one poop up, the diaper off, only to have Liam start pooping again. There were several times when I caught the poop - luckily I always had a fresh diaper in my hand though!!


I honestly laughed and nodded my head the entire time I read this post.

I remember clearly my husband being the only care giver b/c I was recovering and both our parents sort of sucked. He was trying so hard and then during a diaper change he got an explosive poo and it landed right on him. I have never laughed so hard in my life! Ah...memories.

I also loved your comment on the up the back poops and people throwing out clothing. I honestly chucked a few less liked onesies because of those instances.

Fantastic! The poo posts are hilarious!

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