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We would love this!!!!!


Yes, I would love this. I could use this. I need this.


We would love to have this! We have only ever had one night away together from both kids. I'm totally dying for more! And this sounds perfect!!!

Audrey McGill

What a wonderful giveaway! Count me in!


Coolest giveaway on the coolest blog. Such a sweetie!


How fun! :)

Tanya Riley

Nights away with the husband are great!!! I think I know where this Marriott is in Bethesda! A fun give away!


Don't suppose begging would help to win, right? All we have to do is comment? Cuz I would totally beg if it helped my chances!! ;)


Okay, I'll throw my "hat" in the ring for this one... ;)


That would be amazing!!!


Even if I don't win, just the thought of a night away is making me smile!


Oh this sounds like it would be nice thing to do before having the baby in May, because after that it will be a long time before I get a break like this


I'd love a night away. Thanks for the contest!

Suzanne Horton

This would be such a nice break for us! Count me in!


Yay! I love hotels...sweet sweet clutter-free hotels!


How generous of you! My husband and I really need time away from the kids. Granted, three of them are in college, but I've been praying for a mini marriage retreat.


I love nights away from the kids! Count me in!


My husband and I could really use a little rendezvous! Thanks for the fun giveaway.


My husband is in the midst of a busy tax season as an auditor while I stay at home w/ our 3 young children. We're always looking for opportunities to take an overnight get away. We live within an hour or so of Bethesda and would LOVE to win this free night's stay. Thanks for your contest.


I'd love to get a night away for my husband and I. We love our daughter to pieces but it would be nice to sleep in for at least 1 morning!

Leigh Ann

We've been looking for a cheap way to celebrate our 5 year anniversary and this sounds sooo wonderful. Thank you for the chance to win something like this!


Hi again, Trisha... I linked your giveaway, and saw that already 2 of my blog readers have entered!


After hearing your family presentation on Wednesday I decided to visit your blog. I think I'll try the sweet potato fries soon. And who wouldn't enjoy a little getaway?

Karla Stelling

Totally looking forward to THAT!!!!!!

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