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Kate Coveny Hood

I ended up having a c-section with my twins. I remember the fear in folved in the first #2 after I had Oliver (old fashioned birth), and I had assumed that my c would make for a far less traumatic experience.

But then after surgery, I learned about the whole passing gas thing. Do you know it took almost 24 hours before I was allowed to eat anything?? And I am happy to confess that I got so hungry that I kind of lied. No self respecting man would ever call that blip on the radar an actual fart. But seriously - I was desperate.

Leigh Ann

I can honestly say I've never heard someone talk about poop quite so eloquently HAHA but I can relate to everything you said! I had a regular delivery with my 1st and a c-section with my 2nd. I'll be honest, one involved hemroids and the other lots of stool softeners. I did not enjoy either =)


Kid number one, I was slightly embarrassed. I just asked hubby not to tell me if I pooed during delivery or not. He still swears I didn't.
With kid number two I warned hubby and the nurse: "My contractions hurt enough I haven't had a BM in 12 hours so when you ask me to push...."

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