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Melissa Wellington

I saw one of the wubbanubs a few years ago and hadn't been able to find them recently since I didn't remember the name. Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing... I'm gonna have to go order one... or maybe a few for gifts too!

Kathrine Lucas

We use Paci-Plushies, which are more like the wubbanub except they attach to all other brands of pacifiers. DD uses the monkey and loves it!

Kim B

I use Wubbanubs for my infant twins, however, I wish I would have known about the Pacimal because I do not like that the Wubbanub's soothie is not replaceable. They are also very hard to clean because I cannot throw the animal in the washing machine or sanitize the Soothie due to everything being attached. I will be ordering Pacimals to replace the Wubbanub's before they become so attached to them as security piece and I cannot replace the Soothie when it wears out or if they would bite through it.

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