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Leigh Ann Kiendl

I would love these products! I cut all our old big plastic bottles in half and let my daughter paint them. Once they dry, we fill them with soil and plant flowers in them!


This is a great give-a-way! We try to recycle everything possible and only have one kitchen size trash bag a week for the trash man to pick up. I'm slowly using up all my traditional cleaning products and re-stocking with environment friendly cleaners.

Beverly Potter

I would love to win this. Last year (2008) on Earth Day, our son, who was 6 at the time came home from school SO excited to begin recycling at our house. We had nothing to do this with (not required where we live). We went out and bought 3 bins and labeled them (drew our own recycling symbol and all) and began this as a family. We have enjoyed doing just this little thing. We now do have recycling offered by our trash company and participate in it fully. We are trying to find other ways to "go green" and keep our environment in good shape for our son and his family in the future.


I am so glad that everyone is finally getting on the bandwagon. When I got my degree in environmental studies almost 20 years ago, very few people seemed to care about recycling, etc. It's great that it has gotten so trendy.

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