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Wow! These sound really awesome! And would be great for picnics and for school lunches. My favorite lunch box food from my childhood was a peanut butter and raisin sandwich (I didn't like jelly). And my kids' favorite picnic food is the Stonyfield Farms yogurt tubes - they LOVE those things!


Ok, I love the fact that they offer no MSG or High Fructose Corn Syrup, no trans-fats or artificial colors or flavors! Would love to try this out.


Oooh, I love anything that makes life easier and tastier, definitely count me in!

Growing up, my Dad always packed my lunch: a sandwich. By high school I was sooo bored! I hope to do the bento thing for my girls... they love eating out of their cute "lunchboxes" and I figure it's worth the extra time to make meals that are pleasing to the eye and palate.


I love food! When I was little, I ate peanut butter and honey for a long time--healthy, right? I usually eat at home now for lunch and so does Sawyer, but we like sandwiches grilled on the george foreman, or we buy fully cooked chicken breasts from HEB (a great texas grocery store!) and make a salad. If I'm lazy, I'll eat the lean cuisine spa line with whole grain pasta and rice. YUM!! See? I like food.

Leigh Ann

Ready to make a healthy switch in lunchtime foods and not the same old junk. Thanks for the opportunity!


These look so yummy! My favorite lunchbox food was cheese and crackers


These look great! Thanks so much!


We love packing a picnic! But it's always peanut butter and jelly for Eliana. Always. I'd love to find something else she'll eat that's nutricious and easy!


These look really great! I'd love to try them. I'm totally with Ellie :). I love PB&J :)

Kate Coveny Hood

I would love to try this! I remember being in college and picking up a beautiful sandwich and a brownie (of course) from a gourmet deli and then just sitting in the park and people watching. I think that turkey, brie and honey mustard was my choice. Hmmmm - may have to make one of those tomorrow for lunch now!


I could have eaten PB&J every day as a kid! I still like it now for the occasion picnic, especially with chunky peanut butter! Yay for giveaways! This one looks great.


Healthy and convenient? This has got to be a joke! Just kidding, actually it looks like a life saver- something you can feed your kids easily without guilt.

Beverly Potter

These look great. I used to love to take the lunchables when I was a student...


My daughter (age 12) loves peanut butter and apples slice sandwiches - healthier than PB&J, and easy for her to make.

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