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That's just awful. Plain awful. I've seen thongs for girls, too. Thongs. Ugh.


Ugh. Grossness. I can't believe companies get away with stuff like this. I remember being like 18 years old, walking into a Limited Too store (which is for young girls) and seeing black, sparkly bras for girls and tweens and being totally outraged. And that goes UNDER the clothes. *sigh*

Alison Hill

Oh.. I get it alright
how completely degrading!
a site called pure freedom.org adn linked to a younger girls site called secret keeper girl currently has a Buying spree planned for Oct 13/14th for retailers who offer afordable, fashionable and appropriate clothing for tweens and teens
also a good site is virtuealert.blogspot


The pole dancing doll I'm not even going to touch. But the clothes drive me nuts. I stopped buying Abercrombie a few years ago when my good friend went shopping with her 9-year old sister who was looking at thongs with cherries on them from the abercrombie store. Yes, thongs with cherries aimed at elementary kids. The same week I was in the regular A&F, which is really geared more toward high school, though older (and younger) wear it, and there was a line of spring break shirts with things like, "Wake up with a stranger in the sand." I walked out and won't go back. Ever. I think that if parents would actually make a stink and stop buying these shirts for their girls, explain to their girls what the big deal is, and not allow them to wear them, we could end it. But it doesn't seem like that's happening, because the shirts are getting worse...

anna see

Ewwwwww! I am totally grossed out. And outraged.


The pole dancing doll - I mean, I see it with my own eyes, and yet I still can't believe it. I just don't understand! What toy company thought that was a good idea??
And the t-shirts really incense me. Clothing companies put crap like that out there, and then can't understand WHY teenage girls are getting pregnant. They can't possibly imagine why so many have eating disorders. Can it possibly be that the sexualizing of our young girls has anything to do with it? No, that can't possibly be it...

Kitty Vance

You know, I personally sell pole dancing poles online but this is just gross! I realize they are doing pole dancing championships and maybe even thinking of taking it to the olympics one day. I do not think children should be subjected to such things. Pole fitness is good for adults but in no way is it good for little girls. That is sick! It is bad enough all these little girls are wearing what they are then to be wearing those clothes. URGH! It makes me angry.

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