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how do u know what the security blanket is? just the putting thumb in their mouth? i was wondering because my son is 9 months n i think i may be his as well.. :-P


Yeah, I don't know. I was half joking, half really not. Both of my other girls eventually took very strongly to the item of their choice - Hope to a blanket and Maddie to a stuffed puppy dog. I can't even remember how old they were when it became apparent that they were very attached to their items - sometime right around a year I suspect. They started asking for it and looking for it when they wanted to sleep and carrying it around pretty frequently - and have ever since. I keep thinking that eventually Ami will choose something, but not so far. Maybe she never will, some kids just don't. I think it is funny though how some of her behaviors towards me really mimick the behaviors of her sisters toward their security items :) We'll see!

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