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Get a bright color painted on your toes, a pretty anklet and a fun temp. tattoo (they have these you can print out on your computer). Voila! You look fabulous!


Those are the kinds of things I have a hard time with--the ones you can't control! I mean, I can work hard to lose the pregnancy weight, but there are things you really can't control. I haven't had issues with veins, but I have my own. I have stretch marks, my skin is saggy in places from getting stretched out, and I'm not going to even get into my chest area and what's gone on there. I just hate realizing that there's something permanent that I can't get rid of through work. I guess I should just try to rejoice in them as memories from totally worth-it childbirth, but it's hard.


pregnancy stretch marks is one among the most common problems around the globe. There are so many treatment options available out there to get rid of these. But see your doctor first in order to know what would be the best treatment for your stretch marks.

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