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I loved my p3, but my kids were 2 1/2 years apart; we had a P&T for a while, but it didn't work as well/long as I'd liked because my kids grew too quickly, so before long I had over 60 lbs of kid in that stroller; My not yet 2 year old now weighs 3 lbs less than my 4 1/2 year old. Our tires quickly deflated (a problem I don't have on my air filled joggers). We sold it quickly on CL. Cheaper P&Ts have appeared on sams club, costco or bj's websites (fwiw) & you might consider putting notes on the local moms groups email boards.


I am in a similar situation! Have had a double umbrella and a double Mountain Buggy for my 25-month old twins. Expecting baby boy in October. Do I just sling him all the time or do I try to find a triple? Do I make the girls take turns walking? Do I buy a single stroller for the infant? (I have never owned a single anything!) I am thinking of buying a single Snap N Go for when I just have the baby and then just using my Moby and then Ergo with the little man. If he's huge, well, then, back to the drawing board. Any advice would be great! I am absolutely opposed to using Craigslist for the human trafficking reason, but it makes me want to weep because it's so easy to get used baby gear for half price that way! I need a mini co-sleeper, too. I guess I need to hit the consignment sales and yard sales.


Thanks for this great post. I have found the Graco Duoglider Double Stroller to be okay for kids who are a couple of years apart.


But we've really looked around over the past couple years, test-driven, and overall it seems to be coming in at the top of the list.


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