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Don't you love comments from others?? :) I'm excited for you to have four and love that you're excited to have four. It's hard when people look in, and people definitely do with multiples. I've had both sides: people wondering when we're having more (when our youngest is a few weeks) and then people telling me they hope we've stopped. So, I think it's great to be happy with where you are and let people know that you're happy with it!!

Therese Green

We have 4 children as well - Our oldest is only 5. I live in Reston too and have gotten some comments but I try to take them as positively as possible. This is the kind of area where you definitely get a lot of crazy looks, it makes me feel strange - but, just like you, I wouldn't want it any other way. So I just smile. Your girls are going to be such great big sisters - and how cool is it that this little baby is joining such a loving family :)

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