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Tonight we're having grilled chicken, sweet potato fries and peas. This weekend, I'll make chicken tortilla soup, sausage and potato quiche, and chicken with black bean salsa. I haven't figured out next week either.

Love your blog and so glad you're posting more frequently these days!

Kate Coveny Hood

We're really trying to be better meal planners and have an idea of what dinner will be each night rather than winging it. This has helped me to not shop like a college student (seriously - you should see the amount of frozen food and snack I buy when I don't have a list).

Also - HI! I think I accidentally moved your blog in my reader because I just found it in a strange place. So basically - I haven't been reading for a couple of months... In skimming through to catch up I have two comments. First - WOW baby number 4 - congratulations! (sorry to be late on THAT one) Second - I just started to show serious three-babies-and-two-big-pregnancies-in-18 months effects on my also-never-all-that-great-to-begin-with legs. I'm definitely getting the veins fixed though since I've been informed that if I don't I will be one of those older ladies with ropey legs (yuck!) Who knows how long it will take us to save up for that kind of thing which (of course) our insurance doesn't cover... Lets meet up at the pool in our sarongs soon.


We had beanie-weenies for dinner last night! Mmmm-mmm. Variety!


Monday - Party Chicken Salad (chicken salad with toasted cashews, onions, peaches and blackberries), corn on the cob, sliced tomatoes with a splash of balsamic vinegar.

Tuesday - Tuscan bean soup with french bread (baked with a little olive oil and Italian seasoning)

Wednesday - Cold spiced shrimp, store-bought gazpacho, leftover french bread

Thursday - Grilled chicken kabobs, asparagus, some sort of side.

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