Hi, I'm Tricia.

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Thanks for sharing this! We are considering homeschooling. Just one question: when do you have time for curriculum planning?

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I agree with your idea.You look like very talented.It is very happy to meet you. Thank you!

nikki flory

your day looks a lot like mine! you just roll with it!

I just found your blog. it's making me homesick! I moved to TX a year and a half ago. I had been living in Brambleton(Ashburn), Reston before kids,Grew up in PG county in MD right outside of DC.
I had my 4th 1 year ago. This is what someone told me, if you can teach them to read, write and basic math you are great for now. If you need to pull back on the curriculum do it. You can always go in depth later. you have time, you also have the summer!


Thank you for sharing your stuff on blog. It is doubtless that we have similar interests. Something are very helpful to me.

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