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Helen from Reston

Sounds like she's a little bit like my youngest daughter - she was absolutely stubborn about potty training at 2 and 2 1/2, and I finally backed off, letting her know she could start using the potty when she wanted to. The day after her third birthday, she walked downstairs, handed me her diaper, and announced 'I'm a big girl now, so I don't need this anymore.' (and she didn't - no accidents ever after that point.) The self-determination followed her all the way through to a Phi Beta Kappa key at UVA 20 years later! You're right, they are all amazing in their own way.

Vernell Leider

Hmm... That's one good tip. Thanks for sharing your bit about that band aid therapy to make her quit sucking her thumb during the night. How has her dental health improved since then?

Joel Jackson

When they follow through like that, it means that they've learned their lesson well. In a way, you can call her "mature". Kudos to Maddie for quitting thumb sucking!

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